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We live in a family house with a nice garden. The dog, a watcher, was, is and will be an obviosity for us. We started with Deutscher Schaferhund, then we tried Welsh Terrier and Airedale Terrier. Recently we have decided what next. Every of our dogs had pros and cons. Deutscher Schaferhund was nipping. We were afraid of this Welsh Terrier a Airedale Terrier were temperament, hardly manageable, they grubbed holes and horrible trimming. We thought about Rhodesian ridgeback, but it isn´t convenient for outside stay all year. We were interested in Československý vlčák too, but holes in the garden again and this dog is said to jump over the fences. After all we have decided for Chodský pes. Though we didn´t know much about it, it has been a right decision. He is teachable, smart, nice, obedient and peaceful. But behind the fence he gives everybody the creeps. Well, simply, he is precisely such a dog we wanted.At the beginning it was a big hunting. Plenty of calls, you know. And in the end a black, plump and hairy one fairly remained for us. His name is ARON KAMARKO from Mgr.Kozáčková, H. Cerekev. Nobody of us guessed a gorgeous junior champion would be from him after 15 months. By puppy choice we wish you good luck to enjoy your four-legged friend so much as our family.